This is modern and up-to-date education. The staff make you feel like a student again and that you belong to Collyer’s. That is really something. I feel younger! Creative Writing student

Creative Writing






Time:7.00-9.00pmDuration10 weeks

About the course

The aim of this course is to discover your writing voice and potential.  You’ll explore key techniques of creative writing and put them into practice through group and individual exercises.

You will focus on finding inspiration and making a start; writing what you know, story development and planning (with a focus on character, plot and setting); overcoming writer’s block; developing your powers of observation and avoiding common mistakes.

The course is informal, collaborative and productive. All students should have an expectation of completing and constructively feeding back on each other’s work on a weekly basis.

There will be opportunities to extend the learning on the course through homework.


Please bring paper and a pen.

Course suitability

No experience is required.


Join us again for the next term’s course.


How to apply

You cannot apply for this course at present.  Please email us for further information if required on


There are no fee reductions for this course.  We do, however, offer a full refund during the first two weeks should you decide not to progress with the course.