Results/Post Results Services

Exam results for AS/A Level are available to students on MyProgress from 07.00 on results day which is normally the third Thursday in August and the fourth Thursday in August for GCSE.  See Key Dates for results dates for current academic year.

Overall subject grades will be shown; however only legacy ‘unreformed’ subjects will show the individual UMS marks for each unit.   New ‘reformed’ AS/A Levels are reported by grade only.  BTECs are graded as Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.

Second year leavers are advised to print or save a copy of their results from MyProgress. Students will need to present their results when enrolling at university, other higher education institutions or when starting a new job, so a printed copy is essential.

Official exam board certificates are despatched by exam boards to centres in late October/November following the summer exams.  Further information on despatch of certificates to current students and leavers can be found under Certificates.

Following the publication of results, there are a range of services available to query a result or to obtain a copy of exam scripts.  Further details can be found under Post Results Services.

Post Results Service

Following the publication of results, there are Post Results services available to query a result or to obtain exam scripts.  Be very careful about this as it is expensive and your mark can go down as well as up and usually remains unchanged There are fees for all services and strict deadline dates, some very soon after the publication of results.

Priority Review of Marking is available for A Level students when a university place depends on the result. The deadline for this is one week after A Level results day.  Students should contact the college urgently on 01403 210822 after results day but within the above deadline in order to make an appointment with a senior member of staff to discuss.

If a university place is not affected, students may wish to apply for a normal Review of Marking.  Students can get a priority photocopy of their script before deciding whether to have a normal review of marking – be aware of the deadline which is one week after A Level results day.

Students can also ask for their script to be returned without a review of marking.

Forms for all these services are available from the Exams Office.

Students may wish to discuss with their subject teachers before deciding on a review of marking.   Coursework that is internally marked and then moderated by an exam board is not included in the Post Results service.

See Key Dates page for application deadline dates and information on current fees.

If you have any queries on Post Results Services, contact the Exams Office at or telephone the college on 01403 210822.


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