Local Comparison

At Collyer’s we are committed to ‘Excellence in Education’. We want all our students to achieve their potential and one important measure of this is how well students do in their results each summer. On this page we have collected together the most important A level results for the local area to help prospective students and parents make an informed decision about sixth form education.

High grades (A*-B)

The high grades rate is a very useful way to compare how schools and colleges are able to support students achieve their potential. Showing the percentage of students who achieve a grade between A* and B, it indicates the quality of teaching and learning and how likely students are to be able to get into highly ranked universities.

All the state schools and colleges within ‘travel to learn’ of Collyer’s are shown in the table below (results are taken from each school website or press releases). A*-C rates are also included:

The WealdBillingshurst26%47%77%55%81%56%77%
St Wilfrid’sCrawley19%36%56%39%68%36%65%
Steyning GrammarSteyning24%77%50%79%50%78%
Chichester CollegeChichester52%48%76%
Worthing CollegeWorthing43%46%


Value added

Value added is a very important measure to compare educational performance. The government call this ‘Progress’ – showing how much students progress in sixth form above or below the national average in terms of grades. When choosing a sixth form you should always compare how successful different institutions are – either by looking at each school or college website or using the government’s comparison service:

Compare School Performance

All the state schools and colleges within travel to learn of Collyer’s are shown in the table below, ranked by the Progress score in the last year of examined results in 2019. At Collyer’s a score of 0.31 means that on average every single grade is a 1/3 of a grade higher than the national performance – or in other words every third A Level grade is one grade higher.


University Success

Student Progression

Careers and Higher Education Support