Spanish Stage 2

Time:7pm-9.30pmDuration:24 weeks

About the course

This course helps learners to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively through both the spoken and written word and gives an insight into the cultural background and heritage of Spain.

More specifically, the course will cover the following topics:

· Learn about ways of improving your Spanish
· Talk about cinema
· Talk about likes and dislikes in relation to the place where you live
· Describe your home
· Holidays: plan a weekend in a Spanish town
· Plan a dinner with friends: talk about what you like or dislike in relation to food, follow a recipe
· Describe a touristic place
· Talk about your health and your feelings
· Talk about events in the past


TEXTBOOK: Aula Internacional 2: Nueva Edición, Campus Difusión (we will provide this).

A pen and notebook.

Course suitability

This course is suitable for learners who have completed a Spanish Beginners course and wish to progress further.


Spanish Stage 3

How to apply

You cannot apply apply online at present. For guidance, information and advice please call 01403 216597


There are no fee reductions for this course.  We do, however, offer a full refund during the first two weeks should you decide not to progress with the course.

Instalment options are available for the full year course. A £150 deposit is payable to secure a place.