Core Qualifications

We offer courses for adult learners in a number of key subjects, allowing students to study at the most appropriate level. Our friendly tutors and small class sizes mean that we can ensure a supportive learning environment. These courses are either co-funded or fully funded by the Government in most instances, meaning that students benefit from either a reduced fee or no fee at all.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills qualifications teach how to apply practical Maths, English and ICT skills to real-life and vocational contexts. They progress from Entry level to Level 2. You should expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours a week studying at home in addition to class attendance.

These Level 2 qualifications have a greater academic focus and require wider technical knowledge and skills.  They require a greater level of time commitment too, and you should expect approximately 3 hours a week of studying at home in additional to class attendance.

Which course is right for me?
For English, Maths and Essential Digital Skills qualifications, we will ask you to complete an initial assessment followed by a full diagnostic.  This will show which level you are currently working at and the level you are ready to study with us at.


Course TitleCourse Starts
English Functional Skills September, April
Maths Functional Skills September, April
Essential Digital SkillsSeptember, On demand
English GCSE Level 2September
Maths GCSE Level 2September
Biology GCSE Level 2September