Tai Chi

Day: Tuesday
Time: 7.30-8.30pm
Duration: Term Time

This course is run independently to our other Adult Learning courses. Bookings and queries should be referred to David Sanderson at d.e.sanderson@btinternet.com or phone 01403 258167


Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art. People come to classes for a variety of reasons: some are interested in learning the martial and self-defence applications; some for the relaxation found in the slow and graceful movement forms; and some for the health benefits it brings for balance, coordination, relaxation and circulation. Some might have practised a martial art before, some will be complete beginners.

Although I am assuming participants are largely interested in the health benefits, I will be demonstrating some martial applications as a way of helping you understand the movements more fully.

Most people are familiar with Tai Chi Chuan Handforms. Whenever you see travelogues of China they usually include images of people practising these slow, graceful movements. Handforms help relaxation, coordination, posture and body awareness. The slowness of the movements promote deep and regular breathing, resulting in a peaceful mind and improved concentration, while offering a balanced exercise routine to muscles, joints and tendons. Some also believe the movements promote the flow of “Chi” or energy.

In the classes at Collyer`s, we will do some warm-up exercises, and then concentrate on learning the Tai Chi Short Form, and then progress on to the Long Form- a set of movements taking about 25 minutes to perform. And if people are interested, there are the faster and more aerobic Weapons Forms I can introduce you to.

In addition to the classes, I will make videos and learning materials available to you from the Horsham Tai Chi Chuan website: www.horshamtcc.co.uk where you will find additional information.

You can also contact me at d.e.sanderson@btinternet.com or phone 01403 258167.