English, Maths and Digital Skills

Which course is right for me?

We offer courses for adult learners in these key subjects and at various levels allowing students to study at the level most appropriate to them. Our friendly tutors and small class sizes mean that we can ensure a supportive learning environment. These courses are fully funded by the Government in most instances, meaning that they are free to eligible students.

You can read a bit more about each level below, to help you decide what one might be more appropriate for you.  However, if you decide to apply, we invite you to attend a session at the college to complete an online assessment. This will look at your current skills and knowledge levels show us which level you are ready to study at.


Functional Skills

English –  Entry Level 2

Are you a non-native English speaker? Do you need to improve your English to help you settle into the community and understand the culture? Do you want to be able to read, write, speak and listen with more confidence? Would you like to learn essential language skills to effectively communicate in English? Then our  Entry Level 2 is likely to be the most suitable one for you.


English – Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2

Is your first language English or have you already got the Entry Level 2 qualification? Do you need to improve your everyday English and gain a sound grasp of basic English knowledge and skills? Do you want to get better at reading newspaper articles, drafting letters/e-mails and speaking more confidently? If so, then you may find the Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2 courses are more suitable for you.


Maths – Entry Level 3, Level 1, Level 2

Not all of us have great memories of studying Maths at school and the thought of returning to the classroom to study this subject again may fill some with fear! We understand this and will use different methods to help you learn the rules of Maths and our tutors will teach at a pace that suits your learning style. We all use Maths at some point each day, maybe if we are going shopping, or if we are doing some DIY, or cooking the evening meal. The skills you will learn on this course will help make all these tasks easier.

Functional Skills qualifications teach how to apply practical Maths and English to real-life and vocational contexts. They progress from Entry Level 1 through to Level 2. You should expect to spend about 1-2 hours a week studying at home in addition to your class attendance.




Do you already have a good grasp of English but need to improve your skills to help you with your current job, future job or further studies? Do you have a genuine interest in exploring the way language is used? Do you have an interest in studying 19th to 21st century texts? Perhaps you would like to learn how to understand a range of texts and use the knowledge gained from wider reading to extend your own writing? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, GCSE English could be the right course for you.


We recognise that, for some, the thought of studying for a Maths GCSE can be daunting or scary, particularly if you do not have happy memories of studying Maths at school. Your tutor will understand this and will use a range of techniques to make lessons engaging……and fun! On your course, you will acquire knowledge of algebra, graphs, trigonometry, geometry, probability, and statistics.

The GCSE Level 2 qualifications have a greater academic focus and require wider technical knowledge and skills and you should expect approximately 3 hours a week of studying at home in addition to class attendance. 



Digital Functional Skills

Entry Level 3 & Level 1

Are you finding it difficult to keep up in this increasingly digital world? Don’t get left behind! Take a step towards developing your digital skills to help you with work and at home, whether it is using emails and searching for information or learning how to shop or make appointments online.

Digital Skills for Work – Level 2

If your skills are already reasonably good and you want to develop them further, then the Level 2 Digital Skills for Work may be more suitable. On this course you can extend your IT abilities by developing skills such as understanding how to protect devices and data, communication using technology, digital skills in personal and professional situations, plus much more. It will give you the digital literacy to use IT and tech to find, evaluate, create and communicate information.

These government-funded qualifications help learners to develop the digital skills required for life and work. They include qualifications for Digital Functional Skills Entry Level 3, Digital Functional Skills Level 1, plus Digital Skills for Work Level 2. You should expect to spend approximately 1-3 hours a week studying at home in addition to class attendance.