Science Qualifications

Psychology GCSE

This Level 2 qualification is the study of memory, perception, communication and social influence. You will have the opportunity to explore neuropsychology, psychological problems and the impact on the human mind. It could allow you to go on to study the subject and other Social Sciences at A Level and beyond or start you off in developing your skills in the Counselling and Psychology field.

Biology GCSE

This Level 2 qualification is the study of the human body and the building blocks of life.  It covers a range of topics including Genetics, Ecology and Evolution.  It could start you on the first step towards Biology A Level, Access to Healthcare Diploma or a career using biology.  You should expect approximately 3 hours a week of studying at home in addition to class attendance.

Access to HE Diploma in Healthcare Professions

Our Access course provides an exciting opportunity to gain the required qualifications for entry to a healthcare related degree at university or an Apprenticeship.  The course is focused on units in Human Biology,  Health and Psychology.

The course is suitable for students who do not have traditional qualifications such as A Levels, or who require relevant qualifications to meet the entry requirements for their chosen degree.  This is an intensive one-year course for those looking to progress to University to study Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Physiotherapy and other related disciplines or an Apprenticeship.


Course TitleCourse Start
Access to HE Diploma (Healthcare Professions)September
Biology GCSESeptember
Psychology GCSESeptember