Collyer's Prospectus

This section is designed to help with your initial subject choices, which you will add as part of your online application. All subject choices, and your overall study programme, will be discussed with a member of academic staff at interview. Changes can be made at that point and again at our Welcome Day. “Whatever study programme is right for you, teaching, learning and support at Collyer’s will be outstanding” Step 1: Choosing the right type of study for you Matching your studies to your individual learning style, in addition to your interests and aspirations, is vital for success. This section will help you to choose the right type of study for you. You will then be able to choose from a range of subjects within one of those study types. This is an exciting point in your journey and Collyer’s is here to help you get to where you want to be. When thinking about different types of study, try asking yourself the following questions: • What do I want to progress onto after Collyer’s? • What type of studying do I prefer – a traditional classroom environment or more practical learning? • What type of assessment do I do best with – exams or coursework? • What is my average GCSE score likely to be? Study Type Academic Mixed Vocational Technical Transition Qualification A Levels A Level(s) + single or double BTEC BTEC(s) T Level BTEC (Level 2) + GCSE English and/ or GCSE Maths + additional supporting content Length 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year *GCSE average needed for entry 5-9 4-9 4-9 4-9 3-4 Main assessment Exams Exams/ Coursework Exams/ Coursework Exams/ Coursework/Project Exams/Coursework Progression Degree (University) Higher Level Apprenticeship Employment Technical Degree (University) Degree Apprenticeship Technical Employment Mixed, Vocational or Technical programme at Collyer’s Choosing your study programme * From a minimum of 5 GCSEs. Most students will do 8 or more. 21