Collyer's Prospectus

Academic Courses Economics A Level (AQA) Economics studies the central issue of how societies use scarce resources; who gets what and why. Fundamentally it relates to incentives and choices made. In the first year students are introduced to the important economic model of demand and supply and learn to apply it logically to prices in modern markets. The role of the government in managing the economy is also studied in a national and global context respectively. Business Economics and financial markets are also incorporated specifically. An interest in current affairs is assumed and students will be encouraged to debate and discuss topical issues. Applicants should note the emphasis on written assessment in this course. Specific entry requirements Grade 5 in Maths + Grade 5 in English Language Electronics A Level (Eduqas) Electronics is about using electricity to carry information through a system. This mix of practical ‘hands-on’ and theory based course breaks systems down into input, process and output sections. There is a practical coursework element worth 20% to be completed in year two, so organisational skills to use study time productively are vital. Good ability in Maths to rearrange equations is required, as well as manipulating figures using standard form. The course covers analogue and digital systems, as well as a module on programmable ICs. Students are expected to take the A Level exam at the end of two years. This course has some common links with Computer Science and Physics, but can be taken with any combination of subjects. Specific entry requirements Grade 5 5 in Combined Science + Grade 5 in Maths OR Grade 5 in two separate sciences + Grade 5 in Maths English Language and Literature A Level (AQA) This exciting course encourages students to explore the relationship of language and literature through a wide range of literary and non-fictional texts, including transcribed talk. Students will have regular opportunities to use their developing skills as readers and writers in the production of a number of varied writing tasks, including a creative writing element in the second year. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 in English Language + Grade 4 in English Literature English Literature A Level (AQA) English Literature, a very popular course, is for those who enjoy books, reading them ambitiously, and thinking, talking and writing about them with energy and a sense of adventure. Students are given opportunities to discover their own responses, to share them with others and to develop and sharpen their literary critical powers. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 in English Language + Grade 4 in English Literature Environmental Science A Level (AQA) A wide range of environmental issues are examined all revolving around the relationship between life on earth and a range of interacting systems. This subject has many overlaps in content with Geography, Geology and Biology, and has a scientific approach. Topics are diverse, and include the physical and the living environment, conserving biodiversity, sustainability, energy resources and pollution. The emphasis on learning is with student research and individual study programmes. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 4 in Combined Science + Grade 4 in Maths OR Grade 4 in two separate sciences + Grade 4 in Maths Film Studies A Level (Eduqas) This course allows you to explore a range of historical and contemporary films with a focus on the following six units: Old and New Hollywood (1930 to 1990); American film post 2005; British film since 1995; Global film; Documentary film; Film Movements focussing on experimental film (19602000). Eleven feature-length film texts and short film texts will complement your study of the above all of which will be examined (70% of final Grade). Over your two years of study you will also learn how to analyse and write about film in detail. Coursework (30% of final grade) includes a solo practical component, involving either screenwriting and storyboarding or the creation of a short film. Parents and students should be aware that 18 certificate content will sometimes be studied. A study guide will be available to purchase from the WJEC. Students with an interest in Arts and humanities subjects such as Photography, History, English Literature, Philosophy and Politics would find this course interesting as well as students of Media studies. Students wishing to develop media portfolios for entry into the industry would be advised to combine their study of Film with a BTEC in Media. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 in English Language French A Level (AQA) During the course you will study topics and issues on current trends and artistic culture of French-speaking society which interest young people today; for example, cyberspace and contemporary Francophone music, as well as an in-depth analysis of a French film. The course will help develop French communication skills practised at GCSE Level to a higher level over a broader, more adult range of language. You can expect a range of activities in the classroom to practise all language skills and a lesson with the Foreign Language assistant to enhance your speaking skills. 28