Collyer's Prospectus

Academic Courses Psychology A Level (AQA) Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It is a demanding subject, which requires students to have an inquisitive, analytical mind and an interest in the biological basis of behaviour. In the first year students discuss the structure and function of the human memory, investigate types of attachment in childhood and the influences of social groups on our behaviour. There is a heavy scientific element in the syllabus where students will learn about biopsychology including the role of genetics, brain dysfunction and biological/non biological explanations for abnormal behaviours such as anxiety disorders and depression. In the second year students focus on schizophrenia, forensic psychology and cognitive child development. In both years there is a heavy emphasis on students using and understanding the key research methods used by psychologists, which include experiments, self-reports, observations and correlations. Students will be expected to analyse and interpret statistical data and conduct statistical tests. 10% of the overall assessment will contain a mathematical element. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 5 in Combined Science + Grade 5 in Maths OR Grade 4 5 in two single sciences + Grade 5 in Maths + Grade 4 in English Language Sociology A Level (AQA) Sociology is concerned with the study of social patterns of behaviour and students will acquire a critical awareness of British society and the forces that shape it. It involves an academic/theoretical approach to the study of society. Sociology is useful for any career that involves working with people or anyone interested in understanding how society works. Topics include, in the first year, Families and Households and Education with Research Methods, while in the second year we look at Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods as well as Beliefs in Society. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 in English Language Spanish A Level (AQA) This course reflects the increasingly communicative nature of language teaching on Advanced Level courses. Current issues relating to Spain and South America are part of the course material used to emphasise the learner’s need for a good understanding of Spanish culture and life. Students take part in an exchange visit to further develop their language skills and understanding of Spanish culture First year activities are based on the following topic areas: Aspects of Hispanic Society: Modern and traditional values, Cyberspace, Equal rights. Artistic culture in the Hispanic world: Modern day idols. Spanish regional identity. Cultural heritage or cultural landscape. Students study a film in Spanish. Second year activities are based on the following areas: Multiculturalism in the Hispanic Society: Immigration, Racism and Integration. Aspects of political life in the Hispanic World: Today’s youth, tomorrow’s Citizens, Monarchies and Dictatorships, Popular movements. Students also study one book in Spanish. Specific entry requirements Grade 6 in Spanish + Grade 4 in English Language Textile Design A Level (Eduqas) This course aims to encourage a professional, rigorous enquiry into fashion and textiles design. The disciplines within this subject will include constructed textiles, dyed, printed textiles, fine art textiles and fashion. It encompasses traditional handcrafts and computer-aided technology. Students are supported and encouraged as independent learners, developing an artistic and personal professionalism towards their studies and possible future careers in design. It features an integral careers programme, which can include work placement opportunities and live briefs within this subject specific area. The A Level course is 60% coursework project, 40% examination project. Specific entry requirements Grade 4 in Art and Design 32