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Here you will find the latest information regarding the college and Covid:

Key information for after Easter

Principal’s summer term updates

Return to onsite after Easter

Risk Assessment for 100% reopening after Easter 2021 

FAQs for 100% reopening after Easter 2021 

Grades and Tuition Fund

Summer assessment 2021 

16 – 19 Tuition Fund Statement


Asymptomatic Testing at Home

January – March Updates

Reopening March

Principal’s spring term updates

Distance Learning Statement January 2021


The table below records all reported positive cases of COVID-19 affecting students or staff at Collyer’s for the Summer term. The figures are cases per week – not cumulative. All cases so far have been individual, even where there are more than one per week. The figures for students and staff isolating are where there was ‘close contact’ with a college positive case and we were advised by the Department for Education or the local Health Protection Team. To the best of our knowledge there has been no transmission onsite due to ‘close contact’

WeekDateStudents positiveStudents isolatingStaff positiveStaff isolating



Spring term 2021 positive cases

Autumn term 2020 positive cases