The Heritage Committee was formed in 2020 as part of our new college strategic plan 2020-23 which includes a strategic objective to ‘celebrate our heritage and share this history as we move toward our 500th anniversary’. Comprising key staff, students and the archivist from the Old Collyerian’s Association (OCA), the committee meets termly as well as taking forward various initiatives outside these meetings. Through close collaboration with the OCA, The Mercers’ Company and Horsham Museum, we are focused on:

1.     Locating, cataloguing, archiving and displaying artefacts from the last five centuries of history

2.     Researching the key milestones in our history and displaying these to our community

3.     Developing ideas for the 10-year countdown to our 500th that involve our local community

4.     Commissioning a new updated history of the school to cover up to the end of the fifth century

Over the next year or two there will be more exciting additions to the college website and announcements about commemorative events and activities. We would welcome communications from any Old Collyerians and members of the local community who would like to share recollections about our past or artefacts.

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