See Key Dates for the current year’s public examination timetable.  Students should not book holidays during these times.  Individual exam timetables for students appear on MyProgress under Exams several weeks before the beginning of the examination period. Candidates must read and acknowledge Instructions to Candidates on MyProgress under Exams before sitting their exams.

Mobile phones, watches (smart or otherwise), ipods and other electronic devices are not allowed on the candidate’s person in exam rooms whether switched on or off.  We are obliged to report any candidate who is discovered with such a device on their person or whose device is activated in their bag when in the exam room; this includes alarm reminders. Any such incident could result in disqualification from that exam.

Exams begin promptly at 9.00 A.M. and 13:30 P.M.  Arrive early – if candidates are late, they may not be allowed to sit the exam.  Candidates must produce a current college ID card to gain entry to the exam room.

Seating plans are displayed outside the exam rooms and candidates must sit in the correct seat.   Seat numbers are also shown on MyProgress under the Exams tab.  Silence must be observed at all times in the exam room.  No food is to be taken into the exam.  A small bottle of water may be placed on the floor beside the desk but the label must be removed.

You must only have on your desk what you need to complete your exam. Possession of unauthorised material in the exam room is considered malpractice and candidates are likely to be disqualified from all their exams. 

It is the candidate’s responsibility to bring to the exam any materials that are required for that paper, e.g. calculators, specific Maths instruments, black pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, all of which must be carried in a clear plastic bag.  Write only in black pen.

Candidates must stop work immediately they are told to do so when the end of the exam is announced, even if in mid-sentence, and may not leave the exam before the official finish time.  Candidates are expected to leave the exam room quickly and silently as other students may still be working.


If a candidate has more than one exam due to start at the same time in the same session, this is a clash.  The Exam Boards expect candidates to be capable of managing up to 3 hours of exams in any one session and 6 hours in any one day.  If a candidate is taking two papers in different subjects in the same session, as long as the total time for these two papers is less than three hours, the papers will be taken one after another in the same room.  If a candidate is taking two or more papers in different subjects in the same session and the total time for the papers is more than three hours, one of the papers will need to be moved to another session and the candidate incarcerated.  The Exams Office will notify these candidates before the start of the exam period explaining the procedure and order of the papers. Incarcerated candidates may bring revision materials and food and drink with them but must not have their mobile phone or any other electronic device on their person.

Contact Details

For general queries relating to exams, please telephone 01403 210822 or e-mail exams@collyers.ac.uk

For queries about exam access arrangements, exam concessions or support needs, please see our Student Support page for further information and contact details.


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