Mission, Vision and Values


Community, Opportunity, Achievement


Proud of our past and ambitious for our future, Collyer’s will:

  •        Remain the top state provider of A Levels in West Sussex
  •        Provide a relevant range of high quality vocational and technical courses
  •        Offer excellent progression guidance as a pathway to university, further education and work
  •        Develop skills for the future that meet local needs
  •        Embrace an innovative culture and pioneer new technologies
  •        Focus on sustainability and the wellbeing of all our community
  •        Invest in our estate to grow and further develop our safe, accessible and attractive campus
  •        Build strong relationships with partners and the local community



Collyer’s was founded by the London merchant and Mercer Richard Collyer in 1532. In his will, he outlined a very modern vision for the new school – one that resonates still now with our community and will for the next 500 years. He wanted above all to invest in his local community and create opportunity, ensuring all eligible students could benefit  from outstanding achievement and the power of education for social mobility (‘noon to be refused likely to learn‘). These timeless and powerful ideals drive the core values for our modern sixth form college.

Inclusivity        Collyer’s welcomes all who will benefit from the outstanding education we provide, we celebrate diversity and encourage mutual respect, upholding fairness for all

Aspiration        Our expert staff are ambitious for every student’s future and focused on the breadth of opportunities for progression

Care                   We are a friendly and supportive community, looking after one another and protecting our environment, growing as kind and actively engaged members of society

Individuality    Our college has a professional and innovative climate that challenges everyone to be creative, self-motivated and resilient



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