College Sports Academy ‘One College, One Team’

Collyer’s provides a unique opportunity, by being able to offer an outstanding education, but still allowing students the opportunity to develop their chosen sport alongside their studies.

Our Sports Academy includes Basketball, Netball, Football, Hockey, Rugby, and a number of individual sports. These sports can access increased coaching hours, links to performance centres, physio support, video analysis and strength & conditioning programmes. All academies also have strong links with local performance clubs.

Our sports compete in National and regional competitions alongside County Leagues and Cups. In recent years, Collyer’s has built a healthy reputation for consistently producing successful teams and athletes, and has produced a number of county and national representative players. Recent successes to name a few include, Netball Sussex U19 Schools League Champions; Netball Sussex U18 Schools Cup Runners Up; Football West Sussex Division 2 U19 Schools League Runners Up; Football AOC U19 South East Tier 3 Champions; Women’s Football Surrey U19 Schools League Champions, Rugby National Champions; Squash National champions.

How to Enrol

To enrol please make sure you select your sport on your online application. Team sports will also need to complete the form below to attend our CollyerSport Taster Days.

CollyerSport Taster Days 2020

Open to all applicants for 2020 entry looking to develop in their sport and represent the college while studying at Collyer’s.

To book your place please complete the CollyerSport Taster Day Form in as much detail as possible. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions around College Sport please contact

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Recreational Sport

Recreational sport are casual clubs and classes aimed at all students to become more physically active. Activities include: Badminton, Table Tennis, Dance, Volleyball, Girls Basketball and Yoga.

College Sport

A college sports team is a team who has access to one or less training session per week on top of fixtures. Sports include: Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Girls Rugby and Girls Football.

Academy Sport

An academy sports team is a team who has access to two or more training sessions per week on top of fixtures. Sports include: Rugby, Netball, Basketball and Football.