Transfer Exams

The government changes to A Level specifications and structure starting in September 2015 have meant colleges need to approach the transfer of students from Year 1 to Year 2 of their courses differently.  In order for students to continue with subjects/courses in Year 2, students taking A Levels need to achieve at least a Grade E in their Transfer Exams and student taking Level 3 BTEC qualifications need to achieve a Merit or Pass grade.    All students also need to have a good attendance record of 90% or above, at least ‘Good’ for Effort in their first year Progress Reviews and a recommendation from their Head of House.

Transfer Exams for A Levels are set, marked and moderated by subject teachers and will be taken in examination conditions.  Results will be available at the end of June and there will be time to discuss outcomes with tutors and teachers before the end of term.  UCAS predictions will be based on progress made during Year 1 of college and largely based on the results of the Transfer Examinations.  It is vital that students take these examinations as seriously as they would do for the external examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What happens if I do not achieve at least Grade E in one or more of my Transfer Exams?
A:You will not be able to take this subject in Year 2 and will have to choose an alternative subject to make up a viable study programme.

Q: Can I re-sit my Transfer Exams?

Q:Will UCAS predicted grades be based on the result of my Transfer Examinations?
A:Yes, UCAS predictions will largely be based on the results of your Transfer Examination.  Teachers will also take into account your grades in key assessments during the year, your current performance in class and exams and your attitude to work. 


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