BTEC National Level 3 Double

Board: Pearson

About the subject

The BTEC National in Business is designed to provide a specialist work related programme of study that covers the knowledge and skills required to progress successfully in the workplace but also provides a firm basis for higher education.

The core units provide an underpinning knowledge of business as well as basic business skills.
BTEC Level 3 National is equivalent to Two A levels.

All students will one day work in a business or perhaps own their own. As a result Business Studies is a relevant course choice for all students. For those students who prefer the more vocational style the Level 3 BTEC National is an excellent choice.

Learning styles

The philosophy behind vocational courses is to encourage student centred learning.  You are encouraged to carry out your own research within a supportive and constructive teaching framework.  Initiative, flexibility and a consistent approach to producing work in class and private study time is emphasised.
Some assignments involve a large project lasting 8 or 10 weeks.  After an initial introduction to the important concepts and theory, you will be given a variety of tasks to complete.  During this time the teacher will advise and support your learning

Evidence for assessment may be generated through a range of diverse activities including assignment and project work, case studies, workplace assessment, role-play and oral presentation or exam.

Subject combinations and progression

The Level 3 BTEC National course in Business Studies will form a large part of a student’s core programme and hence takes up two teaching blocks. Even so a student has a wide number of possible subject combinations but may be wise to consider ones that are not coursework based because of the heavy commitment to producing work outside the classroom.

The Level 3 BTEC National course offers a thorough grounding in real world business skills allowing students to confidently enter the world of work. They may also progress to a business studies undergraduate programme at University. Students should also be capable of starting their own business.
Business employers value employees who are able to communicate effectively both verbally and using electronic communication methods.

Subject modules and assessment

There are eight units to complete over the two years. Six mandatory units and two specialist / optional units. The three units listed below will be externally assessed.

There are eight units to complete over the two years. Six mandatory units and two specialist / optional units. The three mandatory units listed below will be externally assessed.

Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance (exam)
Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign
Unit 6 Principles of Management

There are five other units, set and marked internally by your teachers. Three of these are mandatory which are:

Unit 1 Exploring Business
Unit 4 Mangaing and Event
Unit 5 International Business

The other two units are:

• Recruitment and Selection Process
• Pitching for a New Business