Media Studies A Level

Board: WJEC
Syllabus: A Level (3291)

About the subject

Media Studies encourages you to think critically about the messages you receive daily from the mass media.  You will need to be prepared to tackle difficult theoretical issues, read up on current media issues and debates, produce quality practical coursework and write coherent and analytical essays.
The syllabus covers television, newspapers, magazines, new media, radio and advertising.  In their coursework, students can extend these areas to include film advertising and the music industry if they wish.  We spend time looking at media institutions (Who owns the companies and how they are run), the ‘texts’ they produce, (such as newspapers, tv programmes, websites etc) and the audiences who watch or read them.
This course may include the use of 18 certificate material.

Learning styles

The styles of learning encountered in the subject, include detailed textual analysis of media products such as magazines and television. There are also in-depth studies into specific areas of the media such as television and the advertising industry.  More conceptual areas such as genre and representation will be covered in greater detail during the later stages of the course.  Independent research will be undertaken through books and the internet, as part of the coursework element of the second year. There will be substantial practical coursework elements to the course.

Subject Combinations and Progression

Media Studies combines with analytical subjects such as Film Studies, English, History, Politics, Sociology, Law and Psychology as well as visual and performance subjects such as Art, Photography, Performing Arts, Theatre Studies and Dance.  Students can progress from Media Studies to a range of courses including specialist production training for those actively seeking work in the media industries.


Subject Modules and Assessment

1. Media Products, Industries and Audiences

2. Media Forms and Products in Depth

3. Cross Media Production

Assessment: 70% examination, 30% coursework.

Entry requirements

4 in English Language