Music A Level

Syllabus: A Level (9MU0)

About the subject

An exciting and challenging course in which students to develop performance and composition skills and to further develop knowledge of a variety of music including classical, film, jazz and popular music. It is a creative subject which provides opportunities to work in your own preferred styles, whilst retaining a focus on traditional Western classical music. Studying A level music gives you the power to engage with and appreciate music more deeply and will greatly develop your skills as a musician.

The course is aimed at those who have previously attained some knowledge in music or aspects relating to it, either through a GCSE qualification or equivalent. Students may have also acquired suitable experience through less formal means as a performer or as an attentive listener.

Learning styles

You will be involved in many different activities including group work, individual study, tutorials, discussion, practical work to develop the different skills in the course: aural, history, harmony and composition.
Students on the course are encouraged to join the music ensembles available at the College as an extension to what they learn in the classroom; appraising, composing and performing.
A Level Music students (subject to eligibility) can apply 10 hours of free lessons with a Collyer’s recommended instrumental (or vocal) teacher in their first study. Please email for more details.


Subject Combinations and Progression

Music combines well and contrasts with mathematics and science (particularly physics), modern foreign languages, media studies and other arts subjects.
Music A level provides an excellent foundation for further study of music (either at a conservatoire or university). Music is a highly regarded academic subject by both universities and employers, with students going onto study Medicine, Physics, Languages and many other disciplines.

Subject Modules and Assessment

1st Year
Performing (9MU01) 30% of A Level – MARCH – Externally assessed recording
Perform a recital lasting at least 8 minutes, consisting of one or more pieces. This can be accompanied by piano or backing track
Composing (9MU02) 30% of A Level –APRIL – Externally assessed coursework
Produce two compositions totalling 6 mins – one free composition last 4½ mins in a style related to the set works and one Bach chorale completion set by Pearson. You will have to produce a score and recording
Appraising Exam (9MU03) 40% of A Level – June – 2hour written exam
Study a series of prescribed works from six Areas of Study – each with three set works. A two-hour written exam based on the prescribed works involving a combination of listening, notating, short answer and two longer essay questions

Entry requirements

4 in English Language + Grade 5 Instrument or voice + Grade 5 Theory standard. GCSE music not required