Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Time:7.00 -9.00pmDuration:8 week + retreat day

About the course

MBSR is a secular, scientifically informed approach that works in harmony with any belief or spiritual practice you already have. The course is based on the program developed by Jon Kabit-Zinn. Over the eight weeks and retreat day, students will learn the core mindfulness practices, including gentle mindful movement, to lower stress, increase awareness and cultivate resilience.

Extensive research into mindfulness meditation, when used on a regular basis, reveals benefits of improving health and wellbeing.  Benefits may include:

Ability to cope with stress, pain, and the challenges of everyday life
Strong immune system
Improvement in focus, learning, concentration and memory
A greater ability to regulate emotions and feelings of compassion towards the self and others
Greater self-confidence

The course will consist of an introduction to several key mindfulness practices. The groups will be small, and you will have the option of participating in an all-day retreat. Home practice is an essential part of the course and is encouraged. Each week you’ll receive a handout with links to meditation for home practice.


Please wear comfortable clothing (layers preferably).

Course suitability

Whilst MBSR is good for anyone struggling with stress or looking to increase self-awareness and wellbeing, it is not intended for current individual cases of depression or those in the midst of a major life upheaval.


Join a further mindfulness course or continue to practice at home.


How to apply

You cannot apply for this course at present, please email adulted@collyers.ac.uk or call us on 01403 216597 to find out more


There are no fee reductions for this course.  We do, however, offer a full refund after the first week should you decide not to progress with the course.