Functional Skills and GCSE courses

Functional Skills and GCSE courses

We offer core qualification courses for adult learners in key subjects, allowing learners to study at the level most appropriate to them. Our friendly tutors and small class sizes mean that we can ensure a supportive learning environment. These courses are fully funded or co-funded by the government, meaning that they are free or at a reduced cost to eligible students.

English Functional Skills

Many jobs and further study courses require good English skills. If you don’t already have an English qualification, this can prevent you from progressing. These qualifications, from Entry Level 3 to Level 2, look at developing your reading, writing and listening skills, based on everyday life and work situations.

Maths Functional Skills

These courses teach you essential maths skills that are relevant to both life and work. Level 2 is often accepted as a GCSE equivalent by employers and universities; Entry Level 3 and Level 1 help develop the skills towards this. The courses focus on key number skills, such as multiplication and division, measurements, money and working with data.

Digital Functional Skills

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the increasingly digital world? These courses help develop and extend your digital skills, including using email, searching for information, learning how to use online services, how to keep safe online and how to create and communicate information in personal and professional situations.

GCSE Biology

This course teaches you fundamental biological concepts and principles and will help you to develop your curiosity about the natural world. It is ideal for those looking to progress to further study or work in the healthcare or sports and fitness sectors.

GCSE English

This course will help you to develop essential skills for both work and life, including reading fluently, writing effectively and presenting your ideas and thoughts coherently. Whether you’re looking to progress at work, move on to further study or simply for self-improvement, the skills learned on this course are relevant to a wide range of environments.

GCSE Maths

As well as being a requirement for many careers or further study, Maths is an essential life skill. Studying Maths as an adult will help develop problem-solving and analytical skills. This course encompasses a range of topics including number skills, algebra, and measurements.

GCSE Psychology

This course explores how the human brain works, including memory, perception, communication and social influence. You’ll develop an understanding of key psychological principles and develop your analytical skills. It is ideal for those interested in human behaviour and those wishing to progress onto high study in a related field.

Course TitleCourse Date
English Functional SkillsSeptember
Maths Functional SkillsSeptember
Digital Functional SkillsSeptember
Biology GCSESeptember
English GCSESeptember
Maths GCSESeptember
Psychology GCSESeptember