Learning Support

We are dedicated to helping all students, including those with additional needs, to fully access their learning in order to successfully complete their course and achieve their full potential.

If you have any health needs or learning needs, these should be declared when you apply to join a course so that we can discuss these with you and put in place any reasonable adjustments. It is important that you let us know when you apply so that we have time to put any appropriate measures in place.

Support for students with additional learning needs

All students taking a qualification course will be offered an online screening assessment which identifies potential learning needs, prior to, or at the beginning, of their course. If this highlights a potential additional learning need, we will refer you for a further assessment with our qualified Specialist Assessor.  This assessment will indicate whether a student will qualify for exam concessions and individualised learning support. Support is usually via one-to-one sessions which offer non-subject specific advice, covering areas such as study skills, essay writing skills, organisation and time management.  A support plan will be put in place which is discussed, agreed and reviewed with students on a regular basis and sets out the commitment required.

Bursary support

We also offer other financial support which is a small bursary available for students on qualification courses who are experiencing financial hardship. You can apply for help with:

  • Travel Costs
  • Course Materials and equipment
  • Childcare (you must be over 20)

Please contact us to discuss your circumstances should you wish to apply.

If you have any questions call us on 01403 216597 or email adulted@collyers.ac.uk.