Collyer’s takes attendance seriously and we acknowledge that good attendance plays an essential part in academic development for post 16 students. We are a college for full time students and are funded based on each student completing a minimum of 580 Guided Learning Hours each year.

All A level and Vocational courses are intensive, and students cannot afford to miss valuable teaching and study time.

A study programme at Collyer’s requires attendance to all aspects of our 360 approach that aims to create well-rounded adults, ready for the wider world. Our provision is based on the skills of our highly trained staff working here on site and therefore it is important to highlight that we are not a distance learning provider. Whilst we have developed online systems using Microsoft 365 and our own internal systems on MyProgress, these are used to supplement and enhance our face-to-face provision and are not our primary method of teaching. A student’s timetable has three key components:

1. Timetabled lessons appropriate for their programme of study
2. Timetabled periods for personal development including Tutor, Enrichment and Pro-Study
3. Non-contact periods for private study and independent work.

Sixth Form students should strive to achieve consistently good attendance as poor attendance will affect academic attainment. Students should, therefore, aim for at least 95% attendance for the year. An exemplary record of attendance says a huge amount about the student as a person: that they are dedicated, well-motivated, organised and someone who takes their responsibilities seriously.


Collyer’s aims to:

  • Make attendance and punctuality a priority for all those associated with the college, including students, parents, teachers and Governors
  • Provide support, advice and guidance to parents and students
  • Develop a systematic approach to gathering and analysing attendance-related data
  • Implement a system of rewards and sanctions
  • Recognise the needs and support of the individual student in the event of significant periods of absence
  • Prompt action when a problem has been identified
  • Provide regular communication with students and parents/carers


What Collyer’s Expects of Parents/Carers

  • To fulfil their responsibility to ensure that their student attends college regularly, on time and prepared for the day
  • To contact college via to report any absent for any reason by 8.30am.
  • To not take holidays in term time
  • To speak to a member of staff if they know of any problem, which may prevent their student from attending college. are available for all student enquiries.
  • To provide evidence to support sustained absence such as a doctor’s letter or email outlining a personal disclosure.
  • To email the Principal to request exceptional leave of absence if required.


Funding regulations dictate that a student MUST be withdrawn from their course of study if they are absent for 20 consecutive college days. The Education and Skills Funding Agency does not distinguish between authorised and unauthorised absence for this purpose.