News Cambridge Biology Challenge Success 04.05.2024

First year A-level Biology students at Collyer’s have enjoyed success competing in the Cambridge Biology Challenge, run by Homerton College, University of Cambridge.

Collyer’s Joint Head of Biology, Caroline Birch explained: “This is a new, nationwide competition challenging students to consider Biology questions beyond the specification at A level, involving different areas of the subject and thinking outside the box. Answers are submitted in any format, e.g. posters, videos, podcasts, or essays.

“The first two questions posed were ‘Why don’t animals have wheels?’ and ‘Are humans still evolving?’. Results are in and our teams of students received ‘Commended’ and ‘Highly Commended’!”

Collyer’s have two teams tied at position 7 and one tied at position 8 on the National leaderboard. The judges’ comments included ‘Very well researched and well-written entry: fantastic job’.

Caroline Birch added: “Huge congratulations to all the students involved, this is a great demonstration of their enthusiasm and interest in Biology and it is fantastic that this has been recognised via this national competition.”

Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Colossal thanks to Homerton College, University of Cambridge for creating such a wonderful challenge. The Collyer’s community are incredibly proud of our Biology students’ success. They are a credit to our amazing Biology department. To be competing at this level on a national stage is brilliant!”