News Capturing the Moment 02.01.2024

Collyer’s A level Art and Photography students visited the Tate Modern, London, this week to enjoy the ‘Capturing the Moment’ Exhibition, which explores the dynamic relationship between the art and photography through some of the most iconic artworks of recent times.

Laura Andrews, Collyer’s Head of Photography and Assistant Director of the Arts Faculty, said: “Students and staff saw how the two distinct mediums shaped each other over time and how artists have blurred the boundaries between painting and photography, creating new and exciting forms of art.”

During the visit, the students explored the gallery’s permanent collection and documented the architecture.

Carah, a year 1 photography student said, “I really the loved the architecture of the gallery, it was so inspiring, and I loved the spiral staircase which linked the galleries I used the imagery in my coursework too.

“It was fantastic to see Andreas Gurky’s work in the exhibition, I will definitely be returning!”

The group also spent time sketching work and photographing the spaces.

Kalina, who is a second year Fine Art and Graphics student, enjoyed the trip: “It was a fantastic experience to be able to view the artworks and sketch together in a gallery setting.”

Jamie, year 1 photography, said: “The exhibition was so interesting, seeing the original prints and artwork in the flesh was fantastic – the scale was overwhelming, and you don’t usually get the opportunity to see work like that!”

Collyer’s Head of Art and Design, Susie McAlister, added “I am always surprised by how emotionally the students react to seeing the work they have been studying in class. There really is no substitute for experiencing the art first hand.”

Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Colossal thanks to Susie and Laura for creating such a wonderful learning opportunity for our talented art and photography students.”