News Class of ’23 Say Goodbye! 30.08.2023

Collyer’s Student Ambassadors of 2023 supported their final event last term, a post 16 Fair at Hazelwick School in Crawley. The Ambassadors, affectionately nicknamed the “Dream Team”, have been visiting schools and colleges across the region throughout the year.

Ellie West Wilson, who previously attended Oriel School, has represented Collyer’s at a record 19 events this year. She said: “I have really enjoyed helping young people to make informed academic decisions and preparing them for life at Collyer’s or sixth form in general.”

Richard Rothwell, Collyer’s Director of Admissions, said: “Ellie’s record is well deserved. Her indefatigable efforts over the past year are much appreciated!”

Fellow Ambassador Sofia Alecseeva, who previously attended Gatwick School, has also enjoyed the experience: “I’ve had a wonderful time at Collyer’s, so becoming part of the ‘Dream Team’ gave me a chance to give something back.”

Jade Vohra added: “I really enjoy helping others and my work as a Collyer’s Ambassador has given me a great opportunity to do this.”

Steve Martell, Collyer’s Deputy Principal, said: “All of the Ambassadorial class of ’23 are an absolute credit to the Collyer’s community. I could not be prouder of them. They genuinely care about helping the next generation.”

Richard Rothwell added: “What’s particularly impressive, is that Ellie, Jade, and Sofia finished their A levels in early June, but still took time out to come and help at numerous post 16 events in the last couple of weeks of term, including Hazelwick. They are incredible.”