News Collyer’s Open Online Art Gallery 06.05.2020

Collyer’s have just launched an Instagram Art Gallery to showcase artwork by the college’s Triple BTEC Level 3 Art students. Sharon Porter, Collyer’s Head of BTEC Art Design, explained: “I set the group a mini brief once a week and they photograph their work and email it to me. We then transfer it to the new gallery. The group are extremely talented and the gallery is proving very popular indeed. As soon as we publish any work there’s immediately a flurry of #collyers hashtags and positive comments, which is wonderful!”


The on-line gallery has been developed as a way for Collyer’s to share and celebrate some incredible student work during the lockdown. In addition, Collyer’s art teachers and technicians, artists in their own right, have also been invited to post their work, including award winning photographer, Tilly Stone.

Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Huge thanks to Sharon Porter for managing this creative project and congratulations to the students for embracing the idea so warmly. We are proud to have what many regard as one the finest sixth form college art departments in the country, and the quality of our students’ work supports this view. The artwork on display is breath-taking.”