News Collyer’s Students On Board Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner 09.07.2024

Collyers Travel & Tourism students were recently treated to a luxurious trip to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner (RCCL), The Anthem of the Seas.

Head of Travel and Tourism, Nikki Stone, explained: “The group headed down to Southampton where we had a tour of the ship, visiting standard and luxury suites, and enjoyed a fine dining lunch experience, with a choice of food from around the world.

“This was an amazing opportunity for our students, who got to see behind the scenes onboard a cruise ship and learn from experts about the career opportunities available at entry level or with a degree in subjects such as Cruise Management, International Tourism Management or Business Management.”

Throughout the tour, the students were given an insight into the operational aspects of running a cruise ship, including an overview of how the ship is managed, covering guest services, navigation, and daily operations. The group also learned about the complexities of coordinating activities for thousands of passengers and crew members. In addition, RCCL’s commitment to environmental sustainability was highlighted, showcasing efforts to reduce the ship’s carbon footprint through innovative technologies and practices. The experience also focussed on how RCCL markets its cruises and ensures a high-quality customer experience. This gave students the chance to explore the importance of brand reputation and customer satisfaction in the travel industry.

Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey said: “Colossal thanks to Nikki and the wonderful team on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner for launching this valuable link-up and creating such a brilliant learning opportunity for our students.”

Nikki Stone added: “Our students did us proud and were a credit to Collyer’s. Who knows, some may set sail on a career in the cruise line industry!?