News Collyer’s to Represent the UK! 14.10.2022

Latest Footage from Geneva 14th October 2022


Opening Ceremony


Collyer’s roboticists will be representing the UK at the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge, which takes place in Geneva next month. The team comprises students Tamsin Howe, Kian Robins, Muhie Al Haimus, Oscar Detnon and Jeremy Ghinn.

Tamsin Howe, who studies Computer Science, Maths and Physics at the leading sixth form college, explained: “The FIRST Global Challenge is an Olympics-style robotics competition. Each nation is invited to send a team to build and program a robot to compete, and the UK team from Collyer’s will play matches in a tournament to gain points on the leader board, with a theme of carbon capture.”

Kian Robins is looking forward to the challenge: “I am very excited to be participating in FIRST, especially being able to meet people from all different cultures”

Organisers have confirmed that there will be over 180 other teams from different countries represented.

Muhie Al Haimus is delighted to be on the UK team: “FIRST is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and test my robotics skills!”

Rob Ettridge, who teaches Maths at Collyer’s and helps run robotics with the team, said: “Huge thanks to our generous supporters, including the college, Strategic ABM, Red River, and Think Gizmos. They have been amazing.

“I am also incredibly proud that these talented students have been selected for this competition, which is being broadcast live around the world. To represent the UK is a huge honour and we can’t wait to get out there!”

The Collyer’s team’s preparations are now in full swing as they prepare to travel to Palexpo, Geneva. The event is taking place from 12th to 16th October 2022.

Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “It is a fantastic that Collyer’s has again been selected to represent the UK on the world stage of robotics. Tamsin, Kian, Muhie, Oscar and Jeremy are a credit to Collyer’s and the UK, and we wish them every success in Geneva.”

Tamsin Howe added: “I find robotics really interesting and I’m looking forward to being able to test my skills against other teams from different countries”.

Rob Ettridge said: “We are still looking for additional sponsors, so do follow the FIRST Global link for details.”


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