News Collyer’s Vicky Crochets for Charity 08.06.2020

Vicky Attwell, from Collyer’s study support team, has been crocheting to raise funds for key charities coping with the lockdown. Vicky has created an NHS bear with removable mask and cap, and mask adjustors for local hospitals, which are being distributed by the Rotary Club in Southwater. Vicky has also made pairs of hearts which have been sent to St Barnabas House in Worthing. Vicky explained: “The idea is that a patient is given one heart and their loved ones are given the other so that they can feel close, even in their last moments when they can’t be together.”


Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “This is a fantastic project helping those within the community genuinely in need during these difficult times. I have worked with Vicky for a number of years and she always thinks of others first. She is an absolute star and  a real credit to the Collyer’s community”.


Vicky added: “I hope this inspires others to either learn to crochet or use their existing crochet skills to help others – or learn to knit as these can be made that way too! The items are really easy to make – even for beginners and there are lots of YouTube videos to show you how.


“Lots of different organisations are in need of these items, but you need to check with the individual places to see whether they need them, and if so, how you need to prepare them so they can be donated safely.”


Vice Principal (Student Support) Andrea John said: “Vicky is a valued member of the Collyer’s study support team and we could not be prouder of this creative and inspiring community work!”

Crochet bear