News Collyer’s Welcomes Samina Iqbal 23.02.2024

Collyer’s hosted senior public law and immigration practitioner, Samina Iqbal.

Head of Law, Janene Weymouth explained: “Samina is attached to Goldsmith Chambers in London and has strong expertise in EU law, Nationality Law, and Human Rights. She is also a First Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) Judge. We were so lucky to benefit from her expertise and were fascinated to learn about her journey to the Bar and an explanation of the type of work she does. Samina even brought her barristers gown and wig to show the students!”

Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey was delighted: “Colossal thanks to Samina for taking time out from her busy schedule to educate and inspire the next generation of legal professionals.”

Janene added: “The talk was a great success, and the Lecture Theatre was at maximum capacity, filled with law students and learners across a broad range of academic disciplines.

“Our second year Law students are currently studying human rights, which fitted in very well with Samina’s practise as an Immigration Barrister. In particular, a consideration of the recent Rwanda UKSC decision allowed students to explore a deeper insight into the law on Asylum Policy. We are hugely grateful to Samina for sharing her knowledge and insight.”