News Cooking Up Ways To Learn Spanish 18.07.2022

Advanced level Spanish students at Collyer’s swapped their textbooks, laptops and pens for a frying pan and potato peeler!

Spanish teacher Milagros Herguedas explained: “Learning Spanish or any foreign language is not only about the language, but learning about the culture and traditions, so the students had to follow recipes in Spanish and create two delicious types of potato tortilla or omelette.”

Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey said: “I must make sure I’m invited along when Milagros runs this practical exercise next year! What a creative way to get a taste of Spanish culture!”

Milagros was delighted with the results: “After an excellent team effort, the group produced truly delicious omelettes, fit to grace any Spanish dinner table! It was a fun part of the lesson, and I was delighted with how the students really threw themselves into it.”

Collyer’s student Dom Elston, who is studying Spanish A-level, said: “I am a terrible cook, but this cultural cooking session has given me more confidence to keep trying!”

Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “We have an excellent Spanish department and adding a practical cooking lesson into the mix was a great way to end the summer term.”