News Creative Technology Visit 21.02.2023

Collyer’s students studying T Level Digital Production recently visited Creative Technology in Crawley, who provide cutting edge technology for events of all sizes.

T Level Digital teacher, Ash Malde explained: “The students took part in a practical workshop event, where they were given an understanding of the industry, a technical introduction to some of Creative Technology’s event equipment, and an insight into what the company does.”

“A hands-on session also gave them the chance to experiment with the use of comms on a production or show.”

The group also enjoyed a session to help them understand soft skills, and the importance of these to potential employer. In addition, the learners were given a tour of the site, introduced to the world of software development, with a detailed explanation of the part it plays in real live events. A number of case study examples also gave the group a real-life understanding of software use.

Rob Hussey, Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum) said: “Huge thanks to Ash and all at Creative Technology for their incredible hospitality, and for creating such a wonderful educational opportunity for our students.

“Creative Technology have also agreed to take on 3 of our T Level Digital Production students for their placement, which is fantastic news!”

Ash Malde added: “The staff were very friendly and imparted a lot of advice for our students, which will be extremely useful when they are looking for employment and choosing their future pathways. This was an exciting opportunity to inspire the T Level students and support their learning in the software industry.”