News Dance Students Prepare for Next Big Steps! 09.03.2020

Collyer’s welcomed professionals from the 3Fall Dance Company, the University of Chichester’s 3rd year undergraduate touring company. 3Fall company members put the Collyer’s Dance students through their paces with an intensive workshop, including contemporary technique and repertory from their show. The students learned challenging duets from an energetic piece by Kay Crook. Later, the company treated the students to an exciting mixed bill of 4 professional and student works.

Emma Gogan, Collyer’s Head of Dance, said: “This experience is invaluable for our students as it elevates their physical, creative and performance skills ahead of their show and exams in March. This inspires their own choreographies and aids the development of their own unique styles.”

Dance teacher Hayley Ovens was impressed: “Seeing the undergraduate dancers teach and perform is really important for our students, as they can clearly see progression routes and potential career options in the industry. Learning and watching the repertory, demonstrates the variety and diversity of contemporary dance to the students.”

Vice Principal (Student Support) Andrea John said: “Huge thanks to Emma, Hayley and the 3Fall Dance Company for making this wonderful educational opportunity possible.”

Deputy Principal Steve Martell added: “The Dance department at Collyer’s is quite rightly regarded as one of the country’s best. Our talented dancers were a credit to Collyer’s and clearly impressed the 3Fall Dance Company.”