News Driving Ambition 25.02.2021

Former Collyer’s student Jack Manger returned to the Ofsted Outstanding college, via Zoom, recently to take part in a lively Q&A session with Collyer’s students and Deputy Principal Steve Martell. Jack, who is a sales executive at Marshall Mercedes in Chichester, talked passionately about his work and gave a fascinating insight into the professional world of elite car sales and apprenticeship opportunities in general.


Students asked questions about Jack’s “Star Expert” training programme at Marshall Mercedes, a day in the life of a sales executive and making the transition from college to the workplace.


Steve Martell said: “It was great to welcome Jack back. He was a wonderful student at Collyer’s and worked so hard in his Employability classes with me. I remember him joining us from Durrington High School in Worthing, and I’m delighted that he’s accepted the chance to become a Collyer’s Alumni Ambassador. Jack remains incredibly down to earth and genuinely wants to help and inspire the next generation.”


Jack said: “Collyer’s really helped me on my career path, particularly when constructing my CV and covering letter. I loved my time there and it was a pleasure to give something back!”


Steve added: “We are incredibly proud of Jack. He has cultivated a great career at Marshall Mercedes and all within the Collyer’s community hope the success story continues!”


Principal Dan Lodge said: “We are incredibly grateful to Jack for actively working with our students today, many of whom I know are considering going directly into an apprenticeship after leaving Collyer’s. He is an excellent role model and outstanding Collyer’s Alumni Ambassador.”

Jack Manger at Mercedes

Jack Manager at Marshall Mercedes