News Empire of the Censors 12.02.2020

Collyer’s students recently gained an insight into the world of film and TV classification, at an event with a specialist BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) classifier, Joe Ruocco.


Students were given a fascinating insight into the process whereby the BBFC applies its famous age rating cards, and saw the impact different classifications could have on the profitability of a cinematic release. The group learned about the processes the BBFC applies to reach its judgements and also saw the way their role has expanded into online media in the classification of films and TV for Netflix and Amazon. Students asked Joe a range of searching questions at the end, the most humorous being “How do I get your job?”!


Jonathan Nunns, Collyer’s Head of Media, was thrilled: “Joe Ruocco is an engaging, charismatic and inspiring speaker. This was a brilliant event. It really brought the hidden world of classification into the students’ lives and showed the essential role of the age ratings in bringing films to the public. We owe huge thanks to Joe and the BBFC for making this event possible.”