News Flying Visit to Biodiversity Project 17.10.2023

Collyer’s first year Environmental Science students recently visited the RSPB Pulborough Brooks in the Arun Valley to collect data on biodiversity for a heathland restoration project.

Dr Ian Carr explained: “The RSPB team of experts were absolutely amazing, leading the students in a series of activities designed to investigate whether efforts to restore the rare heathland habitat have been successful in increasing biodiversity.”

Students received training in how to record biotic species diversity using quadrats and sweep nets and measure the abiotic factors that would influence biodiversity, including using light meters. They received hand on experience of random and systematic sampling using quadrats to estimate species diversity in non-restored conifer plantation versus restored heathland habitats.

Dr Carr added: “The group also used a transect survey to detect differences between newly cleared ground versus longer established heathland.

“The Biodiversity Restoration Project is incredibly important, so it is an honour and a pleasure for us to get involved. The students had a brilliant time.”

Dr Rob Hussey, Vice Principal (Curriculum) said: “Colossal thanks to Murray Tarvis, Ian Carr, Tammy Wilson and everyone at the RSPB Pulborough Brooks for making this superb educational experience possible.”