News Flying Visit 30.06.2023

Collyer’s students have enjoyed a trip to see birds of prey at a local tourist attraction.

Collyer’s Head of Travel and Tourism, Nikki Stone explained: “We took a group of our Travel & Tourism students to Huxley’s Birds of Prey Centre and Gardens in Horsham, situated near Hillers Garden Centre, to support Sussex Day and local tourism.

“The students are also being given the opportunity to help Luke, the new owner, to develop ideas to promote the attraction. The display today was absolutely amazing, and the students learnt an incredible amount about the birds and how the business operates. It was fascinating.”

Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey said: “Enormous thanks to Luke and Nikki for creating this wonderful educational opportunity. Let’s hope that with the students help, visitors will continue to flock to Huxley’s Bird of Prey Centre and Gardens!”