News Focus on Lockdown 01.06.2020

Staff and students from the Collyer’s photography department have been busy capturing their experiences during lockdown. They have documented their immediate surroundings, local area and wider landscape during their daily exercise, and even outer space! Work has been shared via the department’s new Instagram page @collyersphotodept and student websites. Students have used this time not just to work on their A Level studies but continue to experiment and hone their skills.


Year 1 students have been set creative briefs such as Light & Shadow and Abstract & Minimalism, and staff couldn’t resist joining in with their own images too.


Photography teacher Rebecca Moon said: “Even with the constraints of lockdown our students continue to amaze us with their varied and inventive work.”


Art and photography technician Tilly Stone has been photographing natural forms in an abstract way whilst at home: “Lockdown has proved challenging, but it is great to see the students use it as inspiration for some great work. Being creative is a fantastic way to keep the mind active and has a positive impact on wellbeing. We are very impressed and very proud of them all.”


Student Lauren @photo.boothy has been busy at home experimenting with household objects to get some amazing abstract effects, she said: “I experimented with mirrors and flowers inside my house using myself as a model to create the reflective images”.


Evie @eviecrowhurstphotography documented the VE day anniversary celebrations from afar: “I have been experimenting with the skills I’ve been learning over the past 9 months and I am using them to start my new project called ‘perspectives’. I have photographed the natural landscapes and the VE day celebrations in response to this theme.”


Fin @photosbyfisher has been using his daily exercise to capture the changing landscape, especially the bluebells and Maddie @madshopemedia used the face mask as inspiration for her abstract shoot. Maddie explained: “I decided to use a mask as my focal point to convey the impact that this virus is having on society and how I feel that these masks follow us wherever we go; they’re becoming a big part of people’s everyday lives.”


Ashleigh @ashleighbenn_photography used the clearer night skies to capture the star trails, the moon and even the International Space Station as it passed overhead: “I can’t believe how bright they are, I think this is the first time I have ever seen the space station.” Fellow Year 1 student Seb took the opportunity to document the South Downs landscape and a deserted Horsham town, he said: “Life has changed for a minute, and everything that was once ordinary, gains a new perspective”.


Head of Photography, Laura Andrews said: “We are so proud of our students commitment to the course and the subject. They continue to work really hard from home and are using their creative skills to record their experiences and express themselves during this difficult time. Their photography inspires us all.”


Vice Principal (Student Support) Andrea John said: “These images are picture perfect! Well done to everyone involved!”


Deputy Principal Steve Martell was delighted: “Huge thanks to Laura Andrews and the team for creating this wonderful project. The work on show, from staff and students, is absolutely outstanding. It is no wonder that many regard Collyer’s photography department as one of best in the country!”