News Friends of Horsham Park Award Collyer’s Prize 12.02.2020

The Friends of Horsham Park have awarded a photographic prize to Tilly Stone, from Collyer’s Art and Photography department. Three of her photos were shortlisted for the award, with the winning entry a stunning sky with low sun and trailing clouds over Horsham Pond. It can be viewed on the Friends’ new website, along with the shortlisted photos, at


The competition was organised by the Friends of Horsham Park for all within the Collyer’s community. Students and staff were asked to focus on capturing what they love about the neighbouring Horsham Park.


Sally Sanderson, Chair of the Friends of Horsham Park, said: “The entries were of a very high standard and it was difficult shortlisting the photos. There were some dazzling ones of light through the trees and of colours in the park.  We loved the quirky images and different lighting which gave familiar places a new perspective. The competition was such a success that we will be repeating it again this year.”


Laura Andrews, Head of Photography, was delighted: “The park is just waking up for spring, so it’s a great time for the next competition. We have lots of talented students who can capture the signs and colours of the park bursting into life.”


Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “The competition has really captured the imagination of Collyer’s staff and students and we are delighted to work with Sally Sanderson, Alison Farrell and everyone at the Friends of Horsham Park. Huge congratulations to Tilly Stone, who is clearly a gifted photographer.”