News Heritage Website for Collyer’s 12.09.2019

Collyer’s staff and students, past and present, have been creating a ‘Heritage Website’ in order to collate, preserve and celebrate Collyer’s extensive archive.  The College of Richard Collyer, Collyer’s, was founded in 1532 and originally located next to St Mary’s Church in Horsham just off the Causeway.  It was rebuilt on its current site in Hurst Road in 1892 and was a highly successful boys’ Grammar School until 1976 since when it has provided sixth form education for students in Horsham and across the county.  Sally Bromley, Collyer’s Principal, applied to the Mercers’ Company for funding to set up the archive, “We have been working with a company which specialises in education records’ management and the digitisation (scanning) of heritage archives.  We have been able to make documents and artefacts available online and provide a search capacity for example by year or subject.  We have scanned old school magazines, photographs, Year Books, war memorials, slides and old film footage.

Archives which have been digitised are “future-proofed” and therefore protected from fire, flood, loss and general deterioration and therefore saved for future generations to share and enjoy.”

The college will add to the website as and when funds permit but if anyone would like to lend the college an artefact or photograph which they are happy to be scanned and added to the archive, you can contact the Principal on

You can access the archive to view work in progress through the web address, username and password below.


Username                                           CollyerGuest

Password                                            collyer1532*