Assistive Technology Solutions

Support at college​

  • At college we use Microsoft which has inbuilt accessibility functions. ​
  • Students with certain Exam Access Arrangements may have access to additional software and this will be explained to them. ​
  • Please be aware that assistive technology cannot be used in an exam unless it states it on the student’s Exam Access Arrangements​

What can parents/guardians do?​

​Try out some of the phone and Microsoft functions yourself so that you can advise your student.​


External support & Links​

  • Most software will have inbuilt accessibility functions, so check them out through their support facilities. ​
  • Microsoft have lots of support available on their website. Here are a few of the useful sections:​


Microsoft Accessibility​

Microsoft Accessibility Tools​

Accessibility Tools for Microsoft 365​

Phones will have lots of functions on them too, so it’s worth spending some time to find out what they can do. Here are some useful guides to these functions:​



Apple ​

Use colour filters in Windows – Microsoft Support​ : amazon coloured overlays​

Accessibility for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide | iMore​