Exams & Revision

Support at college​

  • ​Your student can speak to their teacher – revision and exam skills can be specific to a subject. Use the subject sharepoint and encourage your student to ask for additional support from their teacher – most subjects run weekly workshops so that’s a good place to start. ​
  • Your student can use the Study Support Sharepoint and the Exams & Revision section – there are lots of useful tips, including routine & planning, what already works, making revision materials memorable, revision techniques to try, know your exam, exam techniques and exam day preparation. ​
  • If your student has tried all of the above but still feels that they need more support, their tutor or teacher can make a referral to Study Support for a session. ​

What can parents/guardians do?​

  • ​Display your student’s timetable in a prominent place or have a calendar for each week that shows all of their tasks and commitments – include jobs, clubs, appointments and family commitments etc. Build in time for revision (little and often works best) and consider how they spend their time around their exams. ​
  • Encourage your student to look at the many revision apps available and choose one to suit their needs e.g. Kahoot, Blooket, Quizlet etc.​
  • Support them in balancing their time and looking after their general wellbeing – it is important to make time for hobbies and enjoyable activities alongside their studies (revision and exams) and paid work commitments and to maintain a healthy mind and body. ​
  • Support them with memory recall – encourage them to teach you what they have learnt and have a discussion about it or help them to come up with memorable ways to retain information such as a rhyme, picture or mind map. ​

External support & Links​

​Students may need a little extra support so a tutor, mentor or study buddy could be useful. This could just be a friend doing the same subject or an older student that has just completed their A levels/degree. ​

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