Organisation & time management

Support at college​

  • Your student can speak to their tutor – organisation and time management skills are covered in the tutorial materials.​
  • Your student can use the Study Support Sharepoint and the Organisation & Time Management section – there are lots of useful tips, a planner template, a to-do list template and a Task Checklist. ​
  • If your student has tried all the above, but still feels that they need more support, their tutor or teacher can make a referral to Study Support for a session. ​

What can parents/guardians do?​

  • Display your students timetable in a prominent place or have a calendar for each week that shows all of their tasks and commitments – include jobs, clubs, appointments and family commitments etc.​
  • Encourage your student to look at the many organisational apps available and choose one to suit their needs.​
  • Support them in creating a solid daily routine – help them to choose a sensible time to get up, amount of time to get ready and a good time to leave the house to make sure they get to their lessons with time to spare. ​
  • Support them in balancing their time and looking after their general wellbeing – it is important to make time for hobbies and enjoyable activities alongside their studies and paid work commitments and to maintain a healthy mind and body. ​

External support & Links ​

5 ways to manage your time effectively.pdf (​

Time management – Oxford Brookes University​