Study Skills

Support at college​

  • ​Your student can speak to their teacher – study skills can be specific to a subject. Use the subject sharepoint and encourage your student to ask for additional support from their teacher – most subjects run weekly workshops so that’s a good place to start. ​
  • Your student can use the Study Support Sharepoint and the Study Skills section – there are lots of useful tips, including effective writing, effective reading, memory, essay structure and Academic English. ​
  • If your student has tried all of the above but still feels that they need more support, their tutor or teacher can make a referral to Study Support for a session. ​

​What can parents/guardians do?​

  • ​Offer to help proofread your student’s work – sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can really help to make improvements.​
  • Support them with memory recall – encourage them to teach you what they have learnt and have a discussion about it or help them to come up with memorable ways to retain information such as a rhyme, picture or mind map. ​

External support & Links ​

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