News International Students Commended 21.05.2020

Four 1A International students have been awarded Collyer’s Commendations for being spectacularly well-engaged with distance learning in English as an Additional Language. Connie Chan, Sabrina Chu, Esther Fung and Sammy Wong have been producing some outstanding work, both in creative writing and IELTS-based topics, and have been emailing to ask questions about the use of language. And for these Collyer’s students studying in the Far East, it really is distance learning!


Ghislaine Davies-Goff, who teaches the students, explained: “Every year I set students the essay topic ‘Will online teaching ever replace the classroom?’ Well, unexpectedly, for the time being, it has!


“Essays are whizzing to and fro across the world, students are emailing questions about grammar and vocabulary and assessments are being completed.  Every year students write that online teaching won’t replace the classroom but, for now, it’s proving to be essential and, yes, enjoyable!”


Lamme Leung said: “I think sometimes it’s hard to keep the work up. Motivation is important – thanks to the teachers who always encourage us.”


Sabrina Chu said: “I found distance learning is not as easy as I thought, as self-learning requires a good schedule and sometimes I found it quite hard to finish the work I had planned in time. However, Collyer’s teachers are really helpful, as whenever I ask them questions they reply as quickly as they can, which really makes me stick to my plans.


“I miss my teachers and friends. I hope this virus goes quickly so we can all get back to our normal lives.”


Esther Fung commented: “I am now staying with my family in Hong Kong. The situation has become very stable and my parents are starting to go back to work, leaving me and my siblings to practise distance learning at home.”


“I was not that confident about distance learning at first, especially during the 14 day compulsory isolation after the long flight, when I spent time catching up with the lesson schedule and worrying not being able to manage as well as in college. But it turns out that the instructions are pretty easy to follow and teachers are very considerate, particularly in adjusting lesson times to my time zone.”


Connie Chan was keen for everyone to have a positive mind set. She said: “Let’s Cheer up!”


Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum and Quality) Dan Lodge said: “Collyer’s students have really embraced distance learning and we are happy with the progress they are making.”


Deputy Principal Steve Martell was delighted: “These Collyer’s students are a credit to our college. Connie, Sabrina, Esther and Sammy thoroughly deserve their commendations. We miss all of our students and can’t wait to welcome everyone back.”