News Kirsty Brown Series at Collyer’s 06.11.2022

Collyer’s students have been enjoying a series of educational talks and workshops. The series focuses on geology and the environment, in memory of geologist and marine biologist Kirsty Brown, who studied geology at Collyer’s and was also a former colleague of Dr Ian Carr, Collyer’s head of geology and environmental science.

Dr Andy Gibson from the University of Portsmouth delivered a brilliant, interactive workshop on writing a press release following a natural disaster. Ian Carr explained: “Andy briefed the students about the details of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Tsunami. The students then had to work in teams to write a press release based on the information.”

The teams then had to judge each other’s press releases to find out who had the most accurate account, and who’s headline best fitted their text.

Environmentalist and solutionist Nicola Peel returned to Collyer’s to deliver a fantastic talk on Biomimicry in Architecture. Nicola illustrated how nature uses similar materials as humans but a lot less energy to build structures such as coral reefs.

Ian Carr said: “The geology, environmental science and engineering students were fascinated by examples from around the world, where people had been inspired by nature to build structures that are far more efficient and sustainable than traditional building methods.”

Earlier this term, Nick Lee from ‘New Energy PGS’ gave an online talk to over 30 Geology, Environmental Science, and engineering students about the future of the energy sector, concentrating on the development of Carbon Capture and Storage technology.

Gillian Stewart from Southern Water visited the college and presented an informative session about water supplies. Her fascinating account explored the difference in treatment needed between ground water supplies and surface water supplies and detailed the many stages of treatment needed.

Dr Ian Carr added: “We owe colossal thanks to these experts for taking time out to support the Kirsty Brown Series here at Collyer’s.”