News Lights, Camera, Climate Action 13.07.2023

Collyer’s Media and Film departments recently took 37 lucky students to the ARRI Stage in London, a state-of-the-art LED mixed reality stage, which was created in collaboration with Creative Technology. The ARRI team dedicated an entire afternoon to exploding the students’ imaginations as they demonstrated just how effectively you can join the two sides of production together and how effective it is in providing a more sustainable and faster moving production.

The group enjoyed a practical hands-on demonstrational workshop, had a tour of the stage, and were introduced to the concept of virtual production and how is coexists with more traditional stage building and live action film making.

Rebecca Moon, Collyer’s Head of BTEC Creative Digital Media Production, said: “The professionals were incredible and explored through practical demonstration what the advantages of virtual production are, and just how fast this area of industry is developing. The students were encouraged to actively take part in a live filming setup and got hands-on with hi-tech industry standard kit, which was an amazing opportunity. We were all completely blown away by the experience!”

Sid Lobb, from Creative Technology London, said: “As the official industry link for Collyer’s Film and Media department, it was a pleasure to host the students at the ARRI Stage. Being able to give the Collyers students a chance to experience industry standard kit is so important to inspire the learners’ future career aims”.

Stuart Andrews, Collyer’s Head of Film, said: “The opportunity for students to see behind the scenes of how movies are made was invaluable. We are so grateful to have been granted access to such a sustainable, sophisticated, and state of the art production facility.

“The team at ARRI and Creative Technology gave the students a talk and Q&A that was both eye-opening and inspirational.”

Student Elodie Davies, who is also a Collyer’s Student Ambassador, said: ‘It was a great opportunity to experience a production studio of such a high level, in person.”

Fellow student Josh Crabb added: “This experience gave us the opportunity to meet and discuss with people who work there every day, and network with them. It was a very inspiring and eye-opening visit, particularly to see the technology that is used in the working world ‘demoed’ for us, giving us a taste of the real world.”

Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Enormous thanks to all at Creative Technology and the ARRI Stage for producing this incredible educational opportunity. They passionately care about helping tomorrow’s film makers on their career journeys.”