News Mathematics of Magic 17.03.2022

Dr Nicos Georgiou, from the University of Sussex visited Collyer’s to present an enrichment talk on “The Mathematics of Magic” to a group of mathematics students in the lecture theatre.

Head of Maths, Joel Hofmann, who organised the event, explained: “Dr Georgiou entranced a group of over 30 students with a range of mathematical magic tricks, involving audience participation, such as reading their minds! After amazing our students, Nicos explained the mathematics behind the tricks in an engaging manner.”

Maths teacher Peter Mattock said: “I am incredibly proud of how the group actively engaged with Dr Georgiou’s fascinating, interactive and inspiring session. They thought it was marvelous!”

At the end of the session, Dr Georgiou and Deputy Principal Steve Martell awarded prizes to Evan Fung, Ben Toth and Daniel Wright, who were the winning students of the mathematics challenge.

Joel Hofmann explained: “Dr Georgiou set our students a series of interesting, but challenging mathematics problems. Our mathematicians were encouraged to submit their solutions to these on-line and after reviewing the entries, Dr Georgiou recommended Evan, Ben, and Daniel be awarded prizes for their excellent solutions.”

Dr Georgiou was impressed: “These students’ responses were clear, correct and complete. I would love to have any of them as a student!”

Hannah Page, Director of Faculty for Science said: “Colossal thanks to Joel, the maths department and Dr Nicos Georgiou for making this spellbinding educational opportunity possible. Nicos and the team at the University of Sussex are incredibly supportive of Collyer’s.”